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Rank 6DateSpeaker/ AuthorText TypeSeriesTitleScriptureAudio 
 15-Sep-2019Clay CurtisSermon NotesExodus 2016The Tent of Goats' HairExodus 26:7-13Noopen
 15-Sep-2019Clay CurtisSermon NotesRomans 2018God's Will for UsRomans 12:2-8Noopen
 14-Sep-2019Clay CurtisBulletinIndividual MessageWeekly Bulletin 9-15-20191 Corinthians 1:10-13Yesopen
 12-Sep-2019Clay CurtisSermon NotesIndividual MessageLet Us Walk in The SpiritGalatians 5:25-6:3Yesopen
 08-Sep-2019Clay CurtisSermon NotesExodus 2016The Tabernacle of Fine Twined LinenExodus 26:1-6Yesopen
 08-Sep-2019Clay CurtisSermon NotesRomans 2018Present Our BodiesRomans 12:1-2Yesopen
 07-Sep-2019Clay CurtisBulletinIndividual MessageWeekly Bulletin 9-8-2019 1 Corinthians 1:9Yesopen
 05-Sep-2019Clay Curtis Psalms 2011Shout & ClapPsalm 47:1-9Yesopen
 25-Aug-2019Clay Curtis Individual MessageBaptism, a Good Conscience1 Peter 3:20-21Yesopen
 25-Aug-2019Clay Curtis Romans 2018To God Be the GloryRomans 11:33-36Yesopen
 24-Aug-2019Clay CurtisBulletinIndividual MessageWeekly Bulletin1 Corinthians 1:1-10Yesopen
 22-Aug-2019Clay Curtis Psalms 2011God Is Our Refuge & StrengthPsalm 46:1-11Yesopen
 18-Aug-2019Clay Curtis Exodus 2016Christ In the Lamp StandExodus 25:31-40Yesopen
 18-Aug-2019Clay Curtis Individual MessageWho Is the Greatest?Matthew 18:1-6Yesopen
 17-Aug-2019Clay CurtisBulletinIndividual MessageWeekly Bulletin 8-18-2019Isaiah 60:1-2Yesopen
 11-Aug-2019Clay CurtisSermon NotesRomans 2018Mercy Upon AllRomans 11:28-32Yesopen
 11-Aug-2019Clay Curtis Exodus 2016Christ in the Table of ShowbreadExodus 25:23-30Yesopen
 10-Aug-2019Clay CurtisBulletinIndividual MessageWeekly Bulletin 8-11-2019Psalm 22:22Noopen
 08-Aug-2019Clay CurtisSermon NotesPsalms 2011The Royal WeddingPsalm 45:6-17Yesopen
 04-Aug-2019Clay CurtisSermon NotesRomans 2018The Mystery of GodRomans 11:25-27Yesopen
 04-Aug-2019Clay CurtisSermon NotesExodus 2016Christ In the ArkExodus 25:10-22Yesopen
 03-Aug-2019Clay CurtisBulletinIndividual MessageWeekly Bulletin 8-4-2019Genesis 25:21-23Yesopen
 01-Aug-2019Clay CurtisSermon NotesPsalms 2011A Song Of LovesPsalm 45:1-17Yesopen
 28-Jul-2019Clay CurtisSermon NotesRomans 2018The Goodness & Severity Of GodRomans 11:22-24Yesopen
 28-Jul-2019Clay CurtisSermon NotesExodus 2016Christ The PatternExodus 25:1-9Yesopen
 25-Jul-2019Clay CurtisSermon NotesIndividual MessageHow Oft Should I Forgive?Matthew 18:21-35Yesopen
 21-Jul-2019Don Fortner Grace Conference NJ 2019I Am Become VileLamentations 1:11-14Yesopen
 21-Jul-2019David Eddmenson Grace Conference NJ 2019AdoptionEphesians 1:3-5Yesopen
 20-Jul-2019John Chapman Grace Conference NJ 2019Christ Must Suffer, Die & Rise AgainMatthew 16:21-23Yesopen
 20-Jul-2019David Eddmenson Grace Conference NJ 2019Blessed In HimPsalm 72:17Yesopen
Total Records: 2990            Page of 100