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Date 6SpeakerSeriesTitleScriptureMorekbps
24-Mar-2019Clay CurtisTULIPPerseverance By Preservation1 Peter 1:5open32128
24-Mar-2019Clay Curtis1 John 2018The Greater Witness1 John 5:6-9open32128
21-Mar-2019Clay Curtis1 John 2018Hereby We Know We Love1 John 5:2open32128
17-Mar-2019Clay CurtisExodus 2016Thou Shalt Not Wrest JudgmentExodus 23:1-8open32128
17-Mar-2019Clay CurtisRomans 2018If God Be For UsRomans 8:31-39open32128
14-Mar-2019Clay Curtis1 John 2018The Witness of God1 John 5:6-9open32128
07-Mar-2019Clay CurtisIndividual MessageGreat Gain1 Timothy 6:6open32128
03-Mar-2019Clay CurtisRomans 2018God's Eternal PurposeRomans 8:28-31open32128
03-Mar-2019Clay CurtisExodus 2016You Shall Be HolyExodus 22:29-31open32128
28-Feb-2019Clay Curtis1 John 2018The Overcomers1 John 5:4-5open32128
21-Feb-2019Clay Curtis1 John 2018This Is the Love of God1 John 4:21-5:3open32128
17-Feb-2019Clay CurtisExodus 2016Thou Shall Not Revile the GodsExodus 22:28open32128
17-Feb-2019Clay CurtisRomans 2018God's Providence On PurposeRomans 8:28open32128
14-Feb-2019Clay Curtis1 John 2018Perfect Love Castesth Out Fear1 John 4:16-19open32128
10-Feb-2019Clay CurtisRomans 2018The Spirit Our HelperRomans 8:26-27open32128
10-Feb-2019Clay CurtisExodus 2016For I Am GraciousExodus 22:21-27open32128
07-Feb-2019Clay Curtis1 John 2018No Man Hath Seen God1 John 4:12-16open32128
03-Feb-2019Clay CurtisIndividual MessageThe Judge, the Judged & the Judgment1 Kings 3:16-28open32128
03-Feb-2019Clay Curtis1 John 2018If God So Loved Us1 John 4:9-11open32128
31-Jan-2019Clay Curtis1 John 2018Love Is of God1 John 4:7-16open32128
27-Jan-2019Clay CurtisMarriageA Marriage For The SonMatthew 22:1-15open32128
27-Jan-2019Angus FisherIndividual MessageThe Word of His GraceActs 14:1-10open32128
24-Jan-2019Clay CurtisMarriageA Marriage Vow's MeaningEphesians 5:21-33open32128
20-Jan-2019Clay CurtisRomans 2018Waiting by the Hope of GloryRomans 8:18-25open32128
17-Jan-2019Clay Curtis1 John 2018Beloved, Try the Spirits1 John 4:1-6open32128
13-Jan-2019Clay CurtisRomans 2018Heirs Suffer with ChristRomans 8:16-18open32128
13-Jan-2019Clay CurtisExodus 2016The Law of RestitutionExodus 22:1-17open32128
10-Jan-2019Clay Curtis1 John 2018God's Commandment1 John 3:23open32128
06-Jan-2019Clay CurtisExodus 2016Law and GraceExodus 21:18-36open32128
06-Jan-2019Clay CurtisRomans 2018Not Bondage But AdoptionRomans 8:12-15open32128
Total Records: 1569            Page of 53