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Date 6SpeakerSeriesTitleScriptureMorekbps
22-Jan-2020Clay CurtisIndividual MessageNone To CondemnJohn 8:1-11open32128
19-Jan-2020Clay CurtisRomans 2018Christ Pleased Not HimselfRomans 15:1-4open32128
12-Jan-2020Clay CurtisRomans 2018The Lordship Of ChristRomans 14:9open32128
12-Jan-2020Clay CurtisExodus 2016Our Urim & ThummimExodus 28:30open32128
09-Jan-2020Clay CurtisPsalms 2011The Lesson From Christ's SufferingPsalm 55:1-23open32128
05-Jan-2020Clay CurtisExodus 2016Beauty & Glory Of Our High PriestExodus 28:2-30open32128
05-Jan-2020Clay CurtisRomans 2018Acceptable To God, Approved Of MenRomans 14:13-15:3open32128
02-Jan-2020Clay CurtisIndividual MessageWith What Judgement You JudgeMatthew 7:1-5open32128
29-Dec-2019Clay CurtisSincere QuestionsWherefore Commit Ye Evil?Jeremiah 44:1-30open32128
29-Dec-2019Clay CurtisRomans 2018Precepts To Strong & WeakRomans 14:1-15:4open32128
26-Dec-2019Clay CurtisIndividual MessageJoy After ChasteningHebrews 12:11-18open32128
22-Dec-2019Clay CurtisIndividual MessageThy SalvationLuke 2:25-30open32128
22-Dec-2019Clay CurtisIndividual MessageThe Triumph of Lowliness Luke 2:1-20open32128
19-Dec-2019Clay CurtisPsalms 2011Setting God Before UsPsalm 54:1-7open32128
15-Dec-2019Clay CurtisExodus 2016Of Men for MenExodus 28:1-2open32128
15-Dec-2019Clay CurtisRomans 2018The Day Is At HandRomans 13:11-14open32128
12-Dec-2019Clay CurtisPsalms 2011The Sin of Fools, Repentance of BelieversPsalm 53:1-6open32128
08-Dec-2019Rob KellerIndividual MessageAn Amazing ParadoxMark 2:1-12open32128
08-Dec-2019Scott KellerIndividual MessageGodliness1 Timothy 3:16open32128
05-Dec-2019Clay CurtisPsalms 2011The Goodness of GodPsalm 52:1-9open32128
01-Dec-2019Clay CurtisExodus 2016Our Need of Pure OilExodus 27:20-21open32128
01-Dec-2019Clay CurtisRomans 2018Our Debt of LoveRomans 13:8-10open32128
27-Nov-2019Clay CurtisIndividual MessageIt Is Good to Give ThanksPsalm 92:1-15open32128
24-Nov-2019Clay CurtisRomans 2018Reasons We Submit to AuthorityRomans 13:1-7open32128
21-Nov-2019Clay CurtisIndividual MessageWill Ye Not Hear & Do (God's Words)?Jeremiah 35:1-19open32128
17-Nov-2019Clay CurtisExodus 2016The Courtyard FenceExodus 27:9-19open32128
17-Nov-2019Clay CurtisRomans 2018Bless Your EnemiesRomans 12:14-21open32128
14-Nov-2019Clay CurtisSincere QuestionsConsiderest Thou Not?Jeremiah 33:23-24open32128
10-Nov-2019Kevin ThackerIndividual MessageA Sinner CalledGalatians 1:13-24open32128
06-Nov-2019Clay CurtisPsalms 2011Prayer Of RepentancePsalm 51:1-19open32128
Total Records: 1759            Page of 59