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AuthorClay Curtis
TitleWeekly Bulletin 8-9-2020
Bible TextMatthew 5:7
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August 9, 2020



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Proverbs 15: 6: In the house of the righteous is much treasure: but in the revenues of the wicked is trouble.


If we were asked to picture the most hideous, nasty, foul, repulsive and detestable thing we could conjure up in our minds, I am sure we could come up with some real offensive, horrendous, vile, obnoxious and nauseating things. However, I am certain that none of us would have thought of ourselves.                                                   Pastor David Eddmenson



I do not ask if your life matters to others. You of course know that your life, like the life of everyone else, matters to some but not to all.

     Rather, I ask if your life matters to you?

     This question is implied in the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 16:24-26: “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?”

     If your life matters to you, you will lose it in order to find it. You will lose it by surrendering it to Jesus Christ and living for Him as you follow Him. He will in the end give to you everlasting life in glory.

     If your life does not matter to you, you will save it in order to lose it. You will save it by gratifying yourself and accumulating earthly possessions. But even if you gain all the world’s pleasures and wealth, it will be for naught. For in the end you will lose it all and your life also. You will spend the rest of your existence in agony and woe, regretting that you sold your soul for nothing.

     Does your life matter to you?                                 Pastor Daniel Parks 



Have you ever made a phone call and a voice comes on and says push 1 or 2 or 4, then when you push that number it starts all over again. How frustrating.   In every part of life there are too many things to choose from, in going to a restaurant in choosing a car, what kind of computer should I get, on and on it goes.

     But there is one thing in which there are no options SALVATION from sin and condemnation. God in His holy word has made it plain and straightforward; “This is my beloved Son hear Him”.  God says there is ONE WAY to come unto Him, One who has the power to give eternal life, One who has the power to make God the Father known, One in whom a sinner can be accepted.

     The Holy Scriptures tells us there is One Righteousness; One Savior of sinners, One Mediator between God and men “the man Christ Jesus”. One who has the power to give life and quicken whom He will. God says there is One whom He appointed heir, One by whom He will be addressed by, One by whom He will address sinners by, One, JUST ONE.

     God will give no man any wiggle room here, freewill won’t do, works won’t do, merit has no place, and law keeping won’t be accepted. The Lord God said it this way; “He that believes on the Son of God hath life he that believes not on the Son the wrath of God abideth on him.”(John 3:36)

     I am so thankful that God the Father brought me to the place where there was no way out from under the guilt and condemnation of my sin and revealed the ONE WAY in which He would accept and make me righteous. That Way is through and by the Lord Jesus Christ.  Pastor Donnie Bell


If somehow sinners could keep the whole law of God by our works it would not make us righteous because we were in Adam so that when Adam broke the law we were made sinners.  Oh the good news!  If God’s elect broke the whole law of God (and that’s all we do!) it does not make us guilty because we were in Christ our Head so that when Christ kept the law we were made righteous.  What the Head did the body did!



     A sight of Christ by faith brings peace to the conscience. There is ever a war within, between the flesh and the Spirit, grace and nature, the old man and the new: the motions of sin in our members are ever waring against the law of holiness in our minds: wicked nature is like the troubled sea, which cannot rest; it is continually casting up mire and dirt: but the winds and seas of corrupt nature obey Christ. He says, Peace, be still, and there is a great calm in the soul; for Christ is our Peace, he hath made our peace with God by his blood; he makes and keeps peace in our souls by his presence; our stubborn lusts will fight and reign if Christ be absent from our hearts; therefore, we cannot but be glad when we see the Lord.                                              Pastor David Pledger 


It is when my brother has treated me like an enemy that I am to be gracious, merciful and forgiving.  By definition grace, mercy and forgiveness can only be given to the underserving.      


Wait On the Lord Ps. 27:14

Waiting on the Lord is an attitude that is completely foreign to the natural man. That’s why the new man struggles while he truly desires to wait on the One who loves him and gave Himself for him. He knows that the Lord is working all things after the counsel of His own will and that whatsoever comes to pass has been eternally purposed by the Lord for His glory and the eternal good of His elect and shall not fail to be brought about. But though these truths are known and loved by the people of God…still they experience the battle within to take matters into their own hands. O may the Lord help us to wait upon Him. Pastor Marvin Stalnaker               


Matthew 5:7  Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.

Every believer needs mercy from each other because we are sinners who offend each other.  If unity is to continue then mercy must continue.   The moment mercy ceases judgment reigns and unity ends.  Our constraint to continue being merciful to each other is God’s constant mercy toward us for Christ’s sake.